I batched out without adding tips, what can I do?

Tips are adjustments to transactions taking place at the time of transaction (in-line) or after the transaction is initially authorized (post-authorization). In either case it is very important that you adjust any tips before you batch out. Once you batch out (or settle), you are unable to make adjustments to those authorizations.

Because transactions cannot be adjusted after they are settled, in order to process those missing tips, you will need to run new transactions for the tipped amount. If you do not have the ability to get the full card number and expiration date from your customer, you will need to get it from your host.

Adding Tips to Batched Out (Settled) Transactions

  1. Obtain the full card number from the host plus the expiration date and transaction amount
  2. Review your signed customer slips to match the transaction amount, last four, and the desired tip amount
  3. Complete a manual sale for each missing tip
  4. Settle batch

Power Tip:

Any time you run a transaction after the original sale date, you run the risk of a chargeback. If at all possible maintain excellent communication with your customers so they understand the charge. Posting to Facebook or other social channels, utilizing an email list, or putting a temporary banner up on your website are good ways to notify your customers.