What is the Invalid TIN or Regulatory Non-Compliance Fee on my Statement?

This fee is automatically triggered if your account was boarded with an outdated/incorrect Employer Identification Number (EIN) or (Taxpayer Identification Number).

This can be corrected by providing proof of tax ID and confirming the correct spelling of your registered business name as it appears with the IRS.

How to Verify your Tax ID or EIN

Two options are available to you plus two examples for each.

Provide the original or a copy of your SS4

The document issued to you when you obtained your EIN. This document will have both the number and the full legal name as it appears in the IRS database.

In this example the legal entity name would be ACME LLC THERESA LOPEZ-FITZGERALD MBR % PILAR LOPEZ


In this example, the legal entity name would be ACME INC

Obtain an IRS Form 147C directly from the IRS.

If you do not have a 147c, call the IRS at 1-800-829-4933 and ask for Form 147C to be issued to you. This department is the Business & Specialty Tax Department.

The legal entity name here would be ACME INC

The legal entity name in this example would be ACME LLC THERESA LOPEZ-FIZGERALD MBR % PILAR LOPEZ

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