How often do I need to do a PCI network vulnerability scan?

Most merchant businesses that require a network vulnerability scan will require them to be passed once per quarter. This scan needs to be done by a PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).

Does my business require a PCI network scan?

Whether or not your business requires a network scan depends on your processing environment. Chances are if you are using a point of sale system that does not have built-in EMV readers, you will require a scan. Here are some scenarios that do not require a scan: Virtual terminal (Auth.net, PayTrace, etc.) that does not…

How do I become PCI Compliant?

At KastenBerry we have several resources to help validate your PCI compliance. Reach out to your Sales Executive or a Concierge and we’ll work with you to get it buttoned up. For specific questions about parts of the PCI process, please refer to the information below: SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) questions/service: 877-276-9929 Scan questions/service: 877-277-1178