Batch Host Error – Dejavoo Z11 Batch Issue

This issue may occur for a wide variety of reasons. If none of these troubleshooting options work, calling Dejavoo technical support is advised.

A common occurrence is that the batch # you are attempting batch has already been used. Testing this theory is simple. All you need to do is change the batch # to a number that hasn’t been used yet.

  1. – Select the triple bar menu on the bottom left of the z11 screen
  2. Select “Applications->”
  3. Select “Host Utility”
  4. Select “Batch Features”
  5. Select “Set Batch #”. Be sure to input a new batch number that’s beneath 999 and hasn’t been previously used.
  6. Attempt to settle out the device

Another possibility is that there is a corrupt transaction. View the receipt for the batch error and it should tell you which transaction is corrupted. The solution in this instance is to void out said transaction and then request the remain card numbers from Paysafe so the merchant may rerun the transaction.

This is what we have documented about out of experience so far. For any other solutions it is best that you call Dejavoo technical support and they can walk you through other possible solutions.

January 5, 2023
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