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Merchant steps for enabling remote diagnostics for Valor Terminal

Merchant Steps to allow remote diagnostics: From the home screen, locate the ” ≡ ” icon to access the main menu. Press the down arrow to access the second page of menu options and select “Remote Diagnostics”. Note: the password for this is the last four digits of the EPI number. The terminal will then…

How to disable or enable keyboard beeps on a Valor device

On the home screen of the device, locate the menu button with the “≡” icon. Select “Setup” Type Password (Last 4 digits of EPI) Select “Keyboard Beep” option Select either yes or no.

How to do a tip adjustment on a Valor terminal

On the home screen, locate the star icon. Select the “tip adjust” setting Select the transaction by searching either the transaction number or the last 4 digits of the card Thoroughly confirm you’ve selected the correct transaction, then press “OK” Enter the tip amount and press “OK” Confirm the new total and press the “OK”…

How to troubleshoot a “Curl Error” on a Valor device

The device is having a connectivity issue or a loss of connectivity during a download or transaction which caused the Curl Error to appear. First, try to reboot the device and run a test transaction. (Follow the additional step if you are unsuccessful) Re-download the original EPI on the device by Enabling the Parameter and…

“Empty ID Package” Error on Valor VL100

This error typically means that, likely by accident, you are attempting to install a merchant file build onto a demo-terminal. Demo file builds only function with demo terminals. Maybe it’s time to organize your terminals a little bit better…

VL100 “V0062” Error Code

This error code typically shows up when the merchant is attempting to run an unauthorized transaction. Ex) If they’re not set up for AMEX and they attempt to run an AMEX transaction, then this code may occur.

How to Set Up SIM Card on VL110 

Star 7  Comm Config  GPRS  Configure  Set APN  Enter: Data00.telnyx   Enter  Press X (red button)  Connect   Let it download if does not connect try connecting again  If that does not work, turn the device off and on, then reconnect GPRS   

Valor File Download

Steps to download parameter and/or software updates on Valor terminals. STAR (on bottom of screen) #6 on keypad OK (big green OK button lower right)

Ping Test VL100 & VL110

Ping Test VL100 & VL110:  Click on MENU icon *three lines bottom middle of screen*  Arrow down until you see Utility then select Utility or press 1  Select Comm Config or press 2  Then select Config or press 2  Select Ping or press 4  Finally, see a screen saying “Network Domain”, select “ok” or…