DejaVoo Terminals

Turn On/Off Keyboard Beep DejaVoo Z11

From the home screen tap the ☰ icon. Tap the word UTILITY. Tap SETTINGS. Tap the word KEYBOARD. Tap YES to turn on keypad beeps or, Tap NO to turn off keypad beeps

Batch Host Error – Dejavoo Z11 Batch Issue

This issue may occur for a wide variety of reasons. If none of these troubleshooting options work, calling Dejavoo technical support is advised. A common occurrence is that the batch # you are attempting batch has already been used. Testing this theory is simple. All you need to do is change the batch # to…

Dejavoo Z11 First Data Datawire Register

If you receive a Status Code Error Click the three bars> applications > credit debit > host utilities >FDO features > datawire > dw register

Dejavoo z11 Ping Test

The purpose of a ping test is to confirm whether a terminal in question is connected to the internet. This can be accomplished in three easy steps. Refer to the photos below. Step 1: Tap on the wifi and ethernet icon in the top left corner of the home screen. Step 2: Select whether you…

Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for Dejavoo Z11

Restaurants DejaVoo_Z6-Z9-Z11_restaurant.pdf Retail DejaVoo_Z6-Z9-Z11_retail.pdf

How to change my default batch report

By default (or sometimes by accident) the DejaVoo terminals are programmed to print a full detail report each time it closes out. This will result in long paper reports if your business runs a lot of transactions. To change this report to a summary report by default, follow these instructions: From the home screen press…

How to start a presale ticket on a DejaVoo Z8/Z11

A Presale ticket is a pre-transaction receipt which displays only the sale amount for information only. This is NOT the same as running a bar tab or doing a pre-authorization. This allows the merchant to print the presale ticket, allow the customer to enter their tip amount, and process the card using “in-line” tips. This…

Making a credit card sale on a DejaVoo Z11

Chip (Card Present) Sale: Input Sale Amount and press OK Tap or Insert Card If prompted, confirm sale amount by pressing OK Receipt will print Manual (Card Not Present) Sale: Input Sale Amount and press OK Input credit card number Follow the prompts expiration date, zip code, cvv, etc. Receipt will print

Configure Personnel for Unique Server IDs on a DejaVoo Z11

The Personnel option is used to configure a persons name to their individual Clerk, Server or Employee ID. This configuration provides name identification on reports and receipts for each employee using the terminal. For Example: The merchant wants to print a daily report sorted by each Clerk’s name – because they had previously enable the…

Delete Open Batch on DejaVoo Z11

This allows the operator to delete the current open batch and all open transactions that are in the open batch. ***IMPORTANT*** Deleting the open batch is permanent and NOT reversible. Transactions from a deleted batch will not be sent for settlement. From the home screen tap the ☰ icon. Tap APPLICATIONS Tap CREDIT/DEBIT/EBT Tap HOST…