Can I offer KastenBerry CashFlow in my state?

There are still a few states that have restrictions on surcharging. KastenBerry CashFlow is not a surcharge program and thus is available in all 50 states. KastenBerry’s CashFlow program is a method of incentivizing customers via a like-kind incentive for paying cash. Those customers who pay cash avoid some or all of the price increase….

Can I still run EBT transactions while using CashFlow?

Yes, as long as your terminal is enabled for EBT transactions, you can continue to process sales on the EBT platform. The non-cash adjustment cannot be added to the EBT cards as, per your registration with this government program, you must treat it as a true cash payment.

Can my business offer the KastenBerry CashFlow program?

Absolutely. Our program is available in all 50 states. Listed below are several legal rulings, opinions, as well as Card Brand Network positions on this program: Durbin Amendment United States Federal Law, 15 USC ยง 169o-2 (2) LIMITATION ON RESTRICTIONS ON OFFERING DISCOUNTS FOR USE OF A FORM OF PAYMENT — (A) IN GENERAL A…