How to start a presale ticket on a DejaVoo Z8/Z11

A Presale ticket is a pre-transaction receipt which displays only the sale amount for information only. This is NOT the same as running a bar tab or doing a pre-authorization. This allows the merchant to print the presale ticket, allow the customer to enter their tip amount, and process the card using “in-line” tips. This service is not commonly used as it simply allows the server to process the tip at the same time as the transaction instead of adjusting the transaction after authorization.

  1. From the idle prompt press the tap the three lines at the bottom left to access Core Menu.
  2. Using your fingertip, press the word “Applications“.
  3. Then tap the words CREDIT/DEBIT/EBT
  4. Select Tips and Tabs Option
  5. Now tap the words Presale Ticket
  6. Input the dollar amount for the presale ticket and press OK.
  7. Bring this ticket to the customer for completion.
  8. Once the customer completes the tip and total and signs, return to the terminal with card and finish transaction.
May 25, 2022
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