Managing Favorites on DejaVoo Z11

The Favorites Menu allows you to list up to 20 features that matter to you the most for quick access.

To access the Favorites Menu, simply tap the ★ icon

Managing Favorites on a DejaVoo Z11

  1. From the home screen tap the ☰ icon.
  2. Tap UTILITY
  4. Here you are presented with five options:
    • List: Will list the current favorites options
    • Delete: Will allow you to tap a favorites option to delete
    • Add All Apps: Will add the current apps to your favorites
      Example: If you have processing and gift, it will add the parent directory for each of these apps to your favorites menu
    • Print: Will print your current list of favorites
    • Reset: Will reset your favorites menu to factory default
      Factory default is Settle Batch, Tip Adjust (if enabled), Daily Report, Summary Report, Void, Reprint, Reports, View Summary
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