Address Verification Service (AVS) on a DejaVoo Z11 Terminal

Address Verification Service, or AVS, is a fraud prevention system that, when used effectively, can help limit fraud and chargebacks.

After you enter your transaction, your DejaVoo Z11 terminal will request the following information:

  1. Is Card Present?
    Select YES if the card is present, or NO if it is not
  2. Enter CVC2
    This is the three digit code on the back of the card or the four digit code on the front of an American Express card.
  3. Enter Zip Code
    Enter the cardholder’s BILLING zip code
  4. Enter Address
    Enter just the numeric part of the cardholder’s BILLING address
    Example: 184 Main Street, you would simply enter 184

To learn more about AVS, check out this article on AVS Response Codes

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