How can I see my batches and deposits?

Setting up your online merchant portal with KastenBerry

All KastenBerry accounts provide online access where you can see transactions, statements, chargebacks, deposits and batch details.

To set up your account, you will need a few key pieces of information:

  • Your merchant ID number
  • The last 4 numbers of the bank account where you get your deposits
  • The last 4 numbers of your company’s Tax ID / owner SSN

Where to register:

If your Merchant ID (MID) begins with a 3:

  1. – for accounts opened with KastenBerry before July, 2021
  2. – for accounts opened with KastenBerry after June, 2021

If your MID begins with a 5:

  • – enter your account email and select forgot password link if you don’t have the original email invitation.

Need Help?

Reach out to your Sales Executive and they can either help you log in or send you a registration link from our system.

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