How to set the time zone on the A80 terminal

Unlike other terminals, the Androids (ex.A80, A920) have the ability to override the files set time zone based on what is set up on the terminal. If the time zone is not set up correctly, it may result in irregular batch times. Follow these steps to locate the time zone settings.

  1. Locate the settings app on the A80 home screen.

2. After typing in the password (default: 9876) you will scroll to the bottom until you notice the “Date & Time” option.

3. There are multiple ways you can connect the Android terminal to the correct time zone.

  • You can manually “Set Time”. However, this is not advised unless you plan on remembering to update it every daylight savings.
  • “Set Time Zone” is the most efficient way of connecting to the correct time and all times.
  • You can select “Automatic Time Zone” where the terminal connects to the network and is set to whatever time zone it is set to.
June 22, 2022
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