Internet / IP Troubleshooting Steps for PAX80

Basic Hardware Troubleshooting

  • Power the terminal off and then power it back on
  • Make sure that the ethernet cable is securely connected both to the LAN port on the bottom of the terminal and to the port on the router
    • Just to make sure, unplug and re-plug the ethernet cable at both ends
    • Make sure to use  an ethernet cable and not a phone cord
  • Try another ethernet cable
    • If you do not have another cable, try borrowing one from another device
  • Try moving the ethernet cable to another available port on the router
  • Reset the router (power it down, wait 30 seconds, power it back up)
    • Make sure the lights on the router are green on all ports with connections

Software/Additional Troubleshooting

  • Check to see if other devices that are connected to the router are working properly
  • Check your internet connection on a computer
  • Run a Ping Test on your terminal to check the connection
  • Check if the correct comm type is set (LAN/IP or Dial)
  • Ensure that your network firewall is not blocking the PAX Terminal
 To run a ping test
  1. Press Menu
  2. Press 6 for Communication
  3. Key-in the password (today’s date- MMDDYYY) and then press Enter
  4. Press 7 for LAN Parameters
  5. Press 6 for Ping
  6. By default will be listed, press Enter to run the test
    • If the terminal connects to, the word “Success” will appear
    • If the terminal fails to connect to the Google server, the words “Ping Failed” will appear
 If the Ping test fails:
  • Troubleshoot above or contact Technical Support
 If the Ping test succeeds:
  1. The terminal, cable, router and ISP are working properly
  2. Try running a test transaction
August 22, 2022
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