QuickBooks crashes on launch after uninstalling competing payment processing software such as ChargeAnywhere.


This is generally related to the recently-uninstalled piece of software – QuickBooks is still looking for a connection from this software, and crashes when it cannot be found. Therefore, references to this software may need to be removed from your QuickBooks company file.


A handful of solutions exist to fixing this issue, each below:

Remove old software from company file

1. Open QuickBooks as a Windows Administrator.

Right-click on your QuickBooks shortcut, and click Run as administrator. If prompted, login with Windows administrator privileges.

 If you are still unable to open QuickBooks by running as an administrator, disregard this solution.

2. Log in to your company file as a QuickBooks Administrator.

Open your QuickBooks company file. If prompted, sign in as the QuickBooks Admin user.

3. Open the Preferences dialog.

In the menubar, open the Edit menu, and select the Preferences option.

4. Remove the application from the Integrated Applications list.

On the left-hand side of the Preferences dialog, select the Integrated Applications option, and click the Company Preferences tab at the top of the window. If present, select any recently-removed applications from the list, and click Remove. Then, click OK.

5. Relaunch QuickBooks as normal.

Close the QuickBooks application, and reopen it as normal. When prompted, open your company file, and sign in (if needed).

Reinstall QuickBooks

Your installation of QuickBooks may be corrupted, and needs to be repaired. If needed, please contact Intuit for assistance with this.