SP20 PIN Pad with an S80 terminal and getting errors

This might happen for several reasons, including:

  • Not setting the PIN Pad type in the BroadPOS download record to “External”
  • For Contactless, there are two items:
    • It must be a supported PIN pad for Contactless.  The supported PIN pads are the new SP20 V4 and legacy PIN pads with a part number SP20-E00 (USA) or SP20-130-4E0
    • An application must have the option to set Contactless to “Auto”
  • Using the incorrect cable to connect the PIN Pad to the terminal
  • For example, using a phone cord instead of the PIN Pad cable or using a competitor’s cable
  • The cable may be meant for connecting the PIN Pad to a non-PAX device
  • Plugging the cable into the wrong jack in the terminal
  • For example, plugging it into the phone jack instead of the PINPad jack
  • Might be a bad cable – try switching cables
  • The PIN Pad may not be injected
May 25, 2022
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