Verosa Online Setup Instructions

Step 1) Open Email Invite to QBO


When you get your invite from the system you will find it in your email inbox like the one shown above. You can simply click the link provided. Use your email as the login, and the temporary password in that email to sign in for the first time!


 Step 2) Sign-in and Change Password


Once you sign-in you will be prompted to change your password, see the image to the right. This will ensure that you can sign in next time with your own password.

!!!: If you need to change your password again, you can do so by selecting your email in the top right corner of any of the main software screens once signed into the system, then, selecting the Change Password option. 

Step 3) Connect your Inuit QuickBooks Company

Once you have completed this you will be prompted with the following window:


You will need use this screen to log-in to you Intuit QuickBooks Online account to start the connection between Verosa Online and your QBO Company. Once this sync is started, it can take up to 24 hours to import your existing data.

Once the initial sync has been completed the Verosa team, can assist with training on the Verosa Online interface. Please contact to schedule training.

June 10, 2022
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