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Kastenberry Support Options

The many ways we provide World Class Support: Directly with Your Local Sales Executive Online Chat: 8-6pm CST – 7 Days a Week > Email: KB Support: 888.798.3839 | Monday-Sunday: 8am – 6pm CST  After Hours Support Partners: 800.327.0093 After Hours, 7 Days a Week. Our after hours support team can provide the following…

Valor File Download

Steps to download parameter and/or software updates on Valor terminals. STAR (on bottom of screen) #6 on keypad OK (big green OK button lower right)

File Update Steps – Equinox 6200m

How to update file download on an Equinox 6200m on Tap Green button in bottom right corner. Tap “Settings” Tap “Update Config”  

How to reset a valor terminal

IMPORTANT: Take note of the EPI that is currently in the device. That EPI number will be needed for after the reset.   Steps to perform a “Reset Terminal”: Settle any open batches (Hit the Star icon on the bottom left and select option 2 for settlement, enter the password which is by default the…

How to Set Up SIM Card on VL110 

Star 7  Comm Config  GPRS  Configure  Set APN  Enter: Data00.telnyx   Enter  Press X (red button)  Connect   Let it download if does not connect try connecting again  If that does not work, turn the device off and on, then reconnect GPRS   

Reset Valor VL Device

How to Perform a Soft Reset on a Device (Wipe an EPI) From the Main Menu on the device home screen, select the 3 lines on the bottom of the screen directly in the center of the touch screen. Select the page down arrow for the second page in the menu. Select option #2 for…