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How to Set Up SIM Card on VL110 

Star 7  Comm Config  GPRS  Configure  Set APN  Enter: Data00.telnyx   Enter  Press X (red button)  Connect   Let it download if does not connect try connecting again  If that does not work, turn the device off and on, then reconnect GPRS   

Reset Valor VL Device

How to Perform a Soft Reset on a Device (Wipe an EPI) From the Main Menu on the device home screen, select the 3 lines on the bottom of the screen directly in the center of the touch screen. Select the page down arrow for the second page in the menu. Select option #2 for…

Batch Host Error – Dejavoo Z11 Batch Issue

This issue may occur for a wide variety of reasons. If none of these troubleshooting options work, calling Dejavoo technical support is advised. A common occurrence is that the batch # you are attempting batch has already been used. Testing this theory is simple. All you need to do is change the batch # to…

Valor – Clear Reversal on Valor Devices

The steps to Clear Reversal are: Tap the 3 horizontal lines on the home screen On the Main Menu, tap on the bottom right arrow, which will bring you to 4 options Select “Host Utility” option. Enter the last 4 of the EPI for the password, press enter Select option 5 for Clear Reversal.   Issues associated with the need…

Bump the Batch Number on Pax S80

Press the “Menu” key Select Option 5 ( System Settings) Select Option 2 (Batch Number) Enter the Password Select the EDC Host from the list The current batch number will be displayed Enter the new batch number and press “Enter” Press “Enter” to save the change or “Cancel” to discard the change.

“_EXT_PICC” Error on a Pax S80

“_EXT_PICC” error during a parameter download means that the device’s software is outdated. Call Pax and give them the error code. They will then run a remote download onto the device and update it.