Change Default Batch Report DejaVoo Z-Series

By default (or sometimes by accident) the DejaVoo terminals are programmed to print a full detail report each time it closes out. This will result in long paper reports if your business runs a lot of transactions. To change this report to a summary report by default, follow these instructions:

  1. From the home screen tap the ☰ icon.
  2. Choose Applications
  3. Press the green OK key to select Credit/Debit/EBT
  4. Choose Report
  5. If prompted enter the manager password (default is 1234)
  6. Choose Report Generator
  7. Choose Daily
  8. Choose All to show all Payment Types
  9. Choose All to show all Transaction Types
  10. Select how you want to have the report Sorted (EDC, Transaction #, Transaction Type, Card Type)
  11. Save as Custom Report
  12. Choose YES
  13. The default name is Report1, you can change this if you’d like. Select green OK key to save.
  14. If the name already exists select Yes
  15. Select Yes to save as default batch report.
  16. A sample will print.
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