Settlement Failed DejaVoo Z8/Z11

Typically, a “Settlement Failed” response code is due to a duplicate batch. This can be caused by a variety of factors.

You will need to change the batch number that is in the terminal.

To Change the Batch #

If prompted for a manager password, the default is 1234

  1. From the idle prompt, tap the three lines in the bottom left of the screen to access the Core Menu
  2. Using your fingertip Tap the word APPLICATIONS
  6. Tap SET BATCH #
  7. Using the keypad, press the yellow backspace key to clear out the current batch # then using the keypad input the new batch # and press OK
    It is typically best to use a number HIGHER than the current one in the system (example: Current Batch # is 7, use 8 or higher when changing)
  8. Tap the word YES to accept or NO to cancel the changes
  9. Retry your batch settlement.
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