How to Print a Report on a PAX Device

Print Reports: 
  1. Menu
  2. Reports
  3. Current Report
  4. Select the preferred report type (Journal, Condensed, Short, Totals)
  5. Select All (Card Payment Types)
  6. Select All (Card type)
  7. By Transaction #
  8. Select All (Transaction Type)
  9. If you want to change this to your default report press Enter (YES) or Cancel (NO).

Print History Report:

The merchant can print a previous Batch Report. This report prints out as a Totals Report. We do not recommend setting a date range longer than 30 days.
  1. Menu
  2. Reports
  3. History Report
  4. Enter the From Date
  5. Enter the TO Date
  6. Select ALL
  7. Select ALL
  8. Select ALL
*If you want a history report for a specific day use the same day as the From and To Date.*
May 25, 2022
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