QuickBooks Running in Admin Mode

As this is a common problem related to certain QuickBooks environments, we have created a troubleshooting guide to resolve this issue. However, issues of this type are not caused by the Payment Terminal – therefore, the Payment Terminal Services department can only offer limited support on issues of this nature.

If the solution below does not resolve your issue, please contact your IT provider or Intuit’s technical support department.


Every time QuickBooks Desktop launches, it prompts for Windows Administrator credentials, and/or the QuickBooks icon has a blue/yellow shield on it. When QuickBooks is launched while this issue is present, the Payment Terminal is unable to connect to the QuickBooks company file, and displays an error.


1. Find your QuickBooks executable and QuickBooks shortcut.

The below steps will need to be completed on two files: your QuickBooks executable (generally QBW32.exe) and your QuickBooks shortcut. These can be found in the below locations:

  • Shortcut: The QuickBooks icon on your desktop, Start Menu, and/or the taskbar.
  • Executable: Right-click on the shortcut found above (if in the taskbar, close QuickBooks, and hold down the Shift key while right-clicking), and click Open file location. A Windows Explorer window will open, with the executable file highlighted. (This file is also found in your QuickBooks installation directory – generally C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\<QuickBooks product here>\QBW32.exe).

2. Open the Compatibility options for this file.

Right-click on the shortcut/executable, and click Properties. In the Properties window that appears, click on the Compatibility tab at the top.

3. Turn off Compatibility Mode and Run as Administrator.

Ensure the Run this program in Compatibility Mode and Run this program as an administrator boxes are both unchecked.
If present, click the Change settings for all users button, and repeat. Then, click OK to close any Properties windows.

4. Try re-opening QuickBooks.

If QuickBooks is open, close it entirely (i.e. both the company file, and the QuickBooks application). Open QuickBooks using the shortcut or executable that was just modified, sign in to your company file, and try re-connecting the Payment Terminal.

June 10, 2022
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