Reprogramming a PaxS80 and PaxS300

PaxS80 and PaxS300– PaxStore Re-Program

Step 1: Clearing the Pax (plus firmware)

While holding MENU, turn power on. Hold MENU button until terminal chirps. For S300 the MENU key is on the screen.

Choose Option 3 – Remote Download

Choose Option 1 – New Download

Choose Option 2 – TCP

Type in Remote IP – (Note: The period is created by hitting the 1 key, then ALPHA five times). Hit ENTER

Type in Remote Port – 8582. Hit ENTER. Choose Option 1 – YES Type in Terminal ID (PAX S80) – 80808080 (BROADPOS) 80808097(PAXSTORE). Type in Terminal ID (PAX S300) – 30030030 (BROADPOS) 30030097(PAXSTORE) Hit ENTER Once this is finished the terminal will restart and ask for the terminal ID.

Step 2: Downloading the PaxS80 with the new file

  1. Plug the power and ethernet cable into the PAX S80
  2. Press the RED power button
  3. The terminal will prompt for the terminal ID
  4. Type the 16 digit terminal ID and press the green Enter button

(The following steps are to repoint the terminal from BroadPOS to Paxstore)

  1. Select Menu 
  2. Select System Settings 
  3. Select App Management
  4. Select Configuration
  5. Select Server URL – press clear to delete the URL and type:
  6. Select Server Port – Press clear and type: 9080
  7. Press Cancel 
  8. Device will download payment application from BroadPOS Marketplace
  9. Reboot, if needed
  10. Device is ready to process transactions
June 13, 2022
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