Kastenberry Support Options

The many ways we provide World Class Support:

Directly with Your Local Sales Executive

Online Chat: 8-6pm CST – 7 Days a Week >

Email: support@kastenberry.co

KB Support: 888.798.3839 | Monday-Sunday: 8am – 6pm CST 

After Hours Support Partners: 800.327.0093 After Hours, 7 Days a Week.

Our after hours support team can provide the following support:

    • Transaction Information (Did it go through? Was it a duplicate?)
    • Batch Information (Was the batch completed?)
    • Is the network down? (Not likely, Our uptime is above 99.999%)
    • iAccess or Instore Portal, mxmerchant login information (or go to the links and click “forgot password”.

If your issue is dire and after hours support cannot resolve your issue, please call 888.798.3839 and leave a message. We will respond as soon as possible. 


Issues that the KB Support Team will address Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm

    • Full Card Info: If you forget to add a tip to a transaction(or several transactions) before batching. We will not have access to this information until the following business day.
    • Tamper Error or Terminal Replacement – Your local sales exec can help you with a replacement device as soon as the following day. (Do not take a screwdriver to your devices, it will instantly turn them into a paperweight)
    • Billing Questions 
    • Changes to Terminal Functions – turn off beeps, change auto-batch time, require a password…
    • Questions about Statements
    • Account Closure

What if my device goes down after hours and support cannot help?

    • REBOOT – Do a hard reboot on both your router and your terminal. Unplug them both and after 1 minute, plug them back in and try running a transaction – 90% of our support issues come down to router or internet problems.
    • Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi and MOBILE Backup – If your terminal is Wi-Fi capable, try tethering your terminal to a mobile hotspot.
    • Backup Terminal – Talk with your Sales Exec about setting up a backup terminal. We have terminals that can work on Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Plans. They come in very handy if you have issues with your main terminal or if you have issues with your internet service.
    • Loaners and Replacement Terminals – In most situations your Sales Executive can have a replacement device ready for you within 24-48 hours.

March 18, 2023
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